The Canon T6 and Canon T6i have many things in common. However, they have some differences that distinguish them. You should purchase the device that you feel will meet your needs.

Thus, we have compared these two cameras and come up with the best one. In this article, you’ll get to know which part each camera excels in thus helping you to decide on which to buy.

Canon T6 vs T6i


Canon T6 goes with an average of $499 in Amazon. This cost covers only the camera and single lens without any accessory. However, you can dig deeper in your pocket to get a bundle deal which will come with accessories and 3 to 4 lens.

The Canon T6i sells at around $700 on Amazon. This entails camera and one lens only. In order to get a deal with accessories and lenses, you will have to add some amount above the stated above.

In this case, you come into terms that canon T6 is the cheapest.


Many pixels will give you the best and clear photos. That means the more pixels the camera has the higher image quality.

The Canon T6 and T6i have 18 and 24.2 megapixels respectively. In this case, the canon T6i carries the day.

Continuous Shooting

Both of them takes photos in a continuous sequence which is referred to as continuous shooting or burst mode. T6i has the ability to shoot around five images in a second while T6 is capable of shooting three per second.

If you are looking forward to capturing a moving object, the Canon T6i is the best.

Battery Life

The canon T6 battery life is better compared to Canon T6i. T6 can take an average of 500 photos which is contrary to T6i which can capture 440 all charged once.

Thus, T6 shines here.


Canon T6i is heavier compared to canon T6. Canon T6 and T6i weigh about 485g and 555g respectively. Thus making T6 the best here.


The autofocus of Canon T6i and T6 are 19 and 9 respectively. This makes T6i powerful compared to T6 when it comes to taking better videos and shots.

However, these cameras have the same specifications in the lens and video recording quality. Also, they all have Wi-Fi, HDMI Out, an optical viewfinder as well as built-in flash among others.


Based on the comparison above, Canon T6i is the best compared to canon T6. It has a better screen, more megapixels, higher burst rate as well as high auto-focusing.

The only advantage of Canon T6 is battery life and being lighter. However, these factors are not given much importance.

When we are dealing with photography, Canon T6i is the best and superior over T6.