Among the hot topics debated on the photography, forums are, between prime and zoom lens which is better? Depending on where you’re going to use, some may opt to choose prime and others zoom lens.

However, it’s important to know more about each of them and which should you use at a given circumstance. This piece will shed light on these lenses.

Prime lens vs zoom lens

• Prime Lens

A prime lens has a focal length which is fixed. Thus, in circumstances of changing the frame view, you’ll have to go away from the spot or go closer. You can’t zoom when using a prime lens.

• Zoom Lens

Zoom lens contains variable focal length. They have zoom rings that help you achieve various angle views by moving the optical element in the lens.
With a zoom lens you can you can adjust zoom ring in one direction thus making an object appear larger, or you can accommodate many objects by turning in to the other opposite direction.

Benefits of Prime Lens

• Wide Aperture

One of the advantages of the prime lens over zoom lens is that you stand in a position to use a very wide aperture at affordable prices which is centrally to zoom lens.

• Quality

A prime lens has been known for years in the production of top quality images. Its few elements in lens thus allowing it to take top quality pictures.

The zoom lens has many lens-elements for providing the variable focal length that results to the clear and sharp picture. However, the zoom lens is improving every day.

• Low Light

With a prime lens, you can shoot objects while they are in low light without the need for blur introduction.

Zoom Lens Benefits

• Versatility

Versatility is among the benefits of the zoom lens. Since they offer variable focal lengths. This allows you to handle various positions just by changing zoom ring without any physical movement.

• Portability

With only one zoom lens, you can replace many prime lenses. With Zoom lens, you can move with a single attached lens which is not possible to the prime lens which will require you to carry many lenses.


Though the prime lens is superior in image quality, the zoom lens has also witnessed advanced improvements in recent days. It’s advisable to be very considerate when choosing which lens to use since they all have their advantages.

Ensure the lens you choose will meet your expectations.